I have speed/playback/streaming issues

In order to assist you with your problem please try the following steps:

  • Use Chrome, our content works especially well in this web browser.
  • Turn off your browser plugins: Some browser plugins might be interfering with our website. We suggest you turn them all off temporarily in order to identify if this is the issue.
  • Do a speed test: Please make sure your speed connection is fast enough to push our content through. In order to stream:
    - 480p you would need a 5 Mbps connection.
    - 720p you would need a 10 Mbps connection.
    - 1080p you would need a 20 Mbps connection.
    - 4K you would need a 50 Mbps connection.
  • Make sure you are not connected to a VPN that might be slowing down your speed.
  • Try playback on lower qualities to see if they play alright.
  • Check your Wi-Fi connection to make sure you are not using your whole bandwidth, for example downloading other things.

If none of these work, you can always try to download the video and play it in a video player such as VLC. To download we recommend using a Download Manager in order to retry failed downloads. Downloads must be completed within 24 hours of starting the download.

If your problems persist please read our article on How to Submit Streaming Problems.

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